The 7th Magpie

The 7th Magpie

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Fate a Fortune, the chance meeting, the untimely word; these things can make or break our world, that's what fascinates us or fills us with fear. Do we really guide our own lives or are we following a pre-determined pathway? Karen's life started with poor fortune; poverty, her single mum and abuse - Gran had thrown them out. Then confusion as her religious Gran tries to make amends but insists that Karen musn't use her 'visions'. When Gran takes her back to live with her, Karen turns her back on her promiscious teens and works hard to secure a first class degree, a career and a wealthy husband. Hard won fate seems to be smiling on her at last. Then her fortunes change and she is now single and frustrated with a stalled career; what is she to do now? A chance meeting in a small hotel and a one night stand leads to a pathway that changes her life and all that she could wish for falls into her lap. Was this always meant to be? As her life blossoms, Karen becomes aware that all of this has roots in the past and events that seemed inconsequential are now weaving a tapestry of well-being. Was she being guided to this all of her life? What chance took her to that fateful meeting?Karen insisted that she was going to make egg and bacon sandwiches, despite Jennya#39;s protest about the quality of the bread but Karen simply sprinkled the bread with water and gave it a thirty second blast in the microwave which to Jennya#39;sanbsp;...

Title:The 7th Magpie
Author:R. K. McVeigh
Publisher:Author House - 2013-09


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