The Abney Method to Owning a Dog

The Abney Method to Owning a Dog

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Businesswomen in China get even less respect than they do in the US. Katarina Minola doesn't like it. When Kate discovers someone stealing power from her firm's Xinjiang Province NAP site in China's and disrupting China's military communications, Kate's father Bennie and his old Army buddy Luca, who started the Shanghai company together with Kate's Uncle Mike', decide to bring in Luca's son, Pete, to help solve the problem. Kate doesn't like that either. Kate and Pete are two halves of a critical mass. As Kate wrestles Pete's Bull-In-A-Chinatown personality through Chinese social and business customs, Pete wrestles with Kate's problem. Kate's two new clients are even stranger than her NAP site problems. Set in Shanghai and Xinjiang Province, the novel weaves the very real possibilities of a plot to control China's future based on the knotty relationships of duty and business that bind China's social and business worlds.Keep your dog at home and in a safe area. He will need enough ... Keeping a dog confined in a yard where he cannot run will require your taking him out for that run. You may think you ... Your dog will require a house that is large enough to accommodate his size and provide shelter from the weather. It should be arranged so that he can stay warm in winter and provide shelter from the rain. The houseanbsp;...

Title:The Abney Method to Owning a Dog
Author:Don Abney
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-08


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