The Abominations of the Obama-Nation

The Abominations of the Obama-Nation

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Some people use the poor, minorities, and special interest groups as an excuse to take away rights from others who tend to be wealthy, white, or Christian - or all of the above. Betty Sue Prollock, a Christian and an American patriot, seeks to wake people up from their slumber and shine a spotlight on the truth: We're moving from a constitutional government founded on individual freedom to one that resembles an Islamic state. President Barack Hussein Obama Jr. and his followers, who are using the government to oppress non-victims in an effort to promote equality, must accept much of the blame. These power-hungry individuals will stop at nothing to advance their own agenda and take away the rights of the majority. Prollock argues that people in power are influencing and seducing the needy struggling with life's challenges. She makes a convincing case that if the public doesn't act soon, our God-given rights will be replaced by government-given rights and the Abominations of the Obama-Nation.Those seeking to lift up Obama during the DNC insinuated that Hussein is a biblical word meaning a€œgood and ... This poster, along with an Obama calendar with religious images of him accompanied by biblical scripture and references, wasanbsp;...

Title:The Abominations of the Obama-Nation
Author:Betty Sue Prollock
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-05


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