The Act of Infidelity: How to Know a Cheating Partner

The Act of Infidelity: How to Know a Cheating Partner

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Infidelity is the greatest and most misunderstood of all relationship infractions. This small, sometimes one minute act of passion or revenge, has the capability to initiate a relationship and/or end a relationship at the same time. But what is Infidelity? Most people will classify infidelity as either a man having an affair with a woman while he is in a relationship or a woman having an affair with a man with whom she is not in a relationship. This is a basic definition of what infidelity entails. It merely scratches the surface of what makes up the playing field of being unfaithful. Infidelity has many names. It is called cheating, stepping out, a transgression, betrayal, unfaithfulness, perfidy, fooling around and so on. In addition to infidelity having many names, it also has many meanings. For the most part, the widely accepted definition of infidelity revolves around indulging in sexual intercourse with another man or woman who is not the married or committed partner.To end a relationship Sometimes men do not have enough courage to just a€œman up. ... Exit affairs usually last longer than the typical cheating because there is a deeper connection between the cheating partner and the person they areanbsp;...

Title:The Act of Infidelity: How to Know a Cheating Partner
Author:Anthony Ekanem
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-08-24


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