The Actions and Uses of Ophthalmic Drugs

The Actions and Uses of Ophthalmic Drugs

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The Actions and Uses of Ophthalmic Drugs: A Textbook for Students and Practitioners, Second Edition provides pertinent information in relation to concepts in pharmacology, the formulation and application of ophthalmic drugs, and adverse ocular effects of systemic medication. This book discusses the preparations used in contact lens practice. Organized into 17 chapters, this edition begins with an overview of the primary systems of drug classification according to their actions or effects, or on the basis of their chemistry. This text then presents a detailed discussion on the actions and uses of ophthalmic autonomic drugs. Other chapters consider the structure and function of the involuntary nervous system in the orbital region. This book discusses as well the two main classifications of ophthalmic drugs, namely, therapeutic and diagnostic. The final chapter deals with the clinical significance of medication-induced ocular adverse effects. This book is a valuable resource for ophthalmologists, students, and practitioners.The general format and the original purpose of this book remain the same, that is, a guide to students, and an ... certain ophthalmic preparations, but with due regard for this bias the author has endeavoured to present an objective survey of theanbsp;...

Title:The Actions and Uses of Ophthalmic Drugs
Author:P. H. O'Connor Davies
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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