The Adolescent Experience

The Adolescent Experience

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The Adolescent Experience places the college student at the very heart of the book. The authors engage in a dialogue with the reader that is warm, caring, and often humorous as they write and share material about this time of life. The authors emphasize the role that development and society play in the lives of young people. The book has a solid research basis with a historical and multicultural focus. But most important, the book is practical and applied with the strongest prevention/health promotion material available in any basic undergraduate adolescent psychology text currently on the market. Key Features * Focuses on health promotion and illness prevention * Provides not only a U.S. but also a much needed Canadian perspective to this life stage * Involves students as participants in a long-standing inquiry into the nature of adolescence as they are introduced to the latest research in the field * Provides students with the latest practical information in subject areas like sexuality, drugs and alcohol, suicide and depression, eating disorders, crime, delinquency, and violent behavior * List server links student and/or instructor to authors * Explores the uniqueness of North America's multi-culturalism * Illustrates important concepts using literature and social history to make them tangible to studentsFor those who would doubt the truth of this last statement, consider the visibility, wealth, and attention given to professional athletes. Many of these individuals are sorely lacking in education and some in social grace or manners. ... own injuries for a moment of glory on a town soccer field, a city recreation leaguea#39;s basketball court, or a high school wrestling mat? ... That is, unless the referee observes unsportsmanlike conduct, it didna#39;t occur and that winning at all costs matters most .

Title:The Adolescent Experience
Author:Thomas P. Gullotta, Gerald R. Adams, Carol A. Markstrom
Publisher:Academic Press - 1999-10-25


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