The Advent

The Advent

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The Advent proposes and describes a new category of perception: 'vibratory awareness', beyond thought, feelings or instinct, by which all kinds of absolute questions are answered. This awareness itself thinks, organizes and loves. It balances, neutralizes and heals human problems, and relates man to the divine. It has been described in many scriptures, as, for example, divine breath, it is innate in every human being, though unconscious for most. It is known as enlightenment, Self-realization, second birth or mukti and incarnations who have come on this earth at different stages in human evolution have prepared the setting for its manifestation on a mass scale, as the phenomenon of 'collective consciousness'. Readers can personally verify the existence and validity of this awareness, indeed, many already have. Evidently, the one who has introduced this breakthrough leading man to his evolutionary maturity, is a truly unique being. H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Srivastava, was born at Chindwara, in central India on 21st March 1923. Many hundreds of thousands now practice Her technique of Sahaja Yoga by which their lives have been transformed. Individually and collectively they are fulfilled, and have become dynamic, compassionate and wise, through the implementation of vibratory awareness in their daily lives. Their model and teacher is their Divine Mother, Shri Mataji, a loving, simple, intelligent, frank and genuine personality. This book is about Her Advent and Her message.simple, innocent people in developing countries who have not yet developed their ego too much can settle smoothly in Sahaja Yoga. ... The Primordial Master aspect of God has many a time guided Mankind through his many incarnations.

Title:The Advent
Author:Gregoire de Kalbermatten
Publisher:daisyamerica LLC - 2003


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