The Adventures of Ellery Queen

The Adventures of Ellery Queen

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In eleven ripping stories, the mystery genre's greatest sleuth shows his chops For Ellery Queen, there is no puzzle that reason cannot solve. In his time, he has faced down killers, thugs, and thieves, protected only by the might of his brain - and the odd bit of timely intervention by his father, a burly New York police inspector. But when a university professor asks Queen to teach a class, the detective finds there are people whom reason cannot touch: college students. Queen's adventure on campus is only the first of this incomparable collection of short mysteries. In these pages, he tangles with a violent book thief, an assassin who targets acrobats, and New York's only cleanly shaven bearded lady. Criminals everywhere fear him, whether they work in mansions or back alleys. No mystery is too difficult for the man with the golden brain. Review quote: qA new Ellery Queen book has always been something to look forward to for many years now.q - Agatha Christie - qEllery Queen is the American detective story.q - Anthony Boucher, author of Nine Times Nine - qA great way to visit Moscow without having to live there.q - San Jose Mercury News - Biographical note: Ellery Queen was a pen name created and shared by two cousins, Frederic Dannay (1905-1982) and Manfred B. Lee (1905-1971), as well as the name of their most famous detective. Born in Brooklyn, they spent forty-two years writing, editing, and anthologizing under the name, gaining a reputation as the foremost American authors of the Golden Age qfair play? mystery. Although eventually famous on television and radio, Queen's first appearance came in 1928, when the cousins won a mystery-writing contest with the book that was later published as The Roman Hat Mystery. Their character was an amateur detective who uses his spare time to assist his police inspector uncle in solving baffling crimes. Besides writing the Queen novels, Dannay and Lee cofounded Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, one of the most influential crime publications of all time. Although Dannay outlived his cousin by nine years, he retired Queen upon Lee's death.The wind, which was ululating like a banshee, held nocharm for him, and thetingling spray no pleasure. ... scabrous iron, and it flaunted a fearsome monstrosity with two heads whose genus had apparently eluded even theobscure wielderof the paints. ... into a gravelly driveway linedwith trees, soon bringingthe machine torestbefore a highwhite house crisply painted, its greenshutters clear as eyeshades.

Title:The Adventures of Ellery Queen
Author:Ellery Queen
Publisher:BASTEI LÜBBE - 2014-12-10


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