The Adventures of Jade

The Adventures of Jade

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Jade is your average girl. her 17th birthday looms closer, and her birthday present is the most shocking variety. her world is turned upside down when she finds out the truth about her heritage, and her fate. choices are made for her and her life stripped from her, heaving the responsibility of another world into her hands. the unfolding horrors of and evil queen and the mass murder of an entire species rests upon her conscience. will she be able to handle this new found responsibility, love, companionship, and truthes?Areana now one hundred and ten years, wondered if the mystic might not have made a mistake about the time as to when the child would come. Areana would sit at the entrance of the cave just out of reach, and listen to the spider rant at her, taunt her about how ... Olterrian people as her personal food, Areanaa#39;s heart wanted to die; this she must not tell the king. ... Areana knew the darts would not kill Marlana, but they did hurt and weaken the queen for -35- ~ The Adventures of Jade ~

Title:The Adventures of Jade
Author:L.C. Mitchell
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-12-14


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