The Adventures Of Nathan Saint-cloud

The Adventures Of Nathan Saint-cloud

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In the distant world of Tell Horizon the Paladins, long guardians of justice, mercy, and wisdom, the keepers of the light, have fallen after a great civil war. Now a new power rises, the power of darkness. Nathan Saint-Cloud, a mysterious serf working in the Great Tower Kitchen, in the ruling city of XanderDark, is anointed as the traveler, and given the mission to restore the Paladins, by two unlikely prophets: Nestor Smyth a palace dog, and Magnus Leeds, a cat who helps oversee security for the Great Tower. To accomplish this Nathan must find the Book of the Paladins and safely escort it, through a landscape dominated by monsters, secretive cannibals, and demons, to the sacred city of Woodford. But the traveler and the book are also sought by the agents of a new darkness: Haydrack Reddin, king of the Eternal Empire, Grand Master Splenter, keeper of demons, and the Inky Pitch, the essence of evil, which seeks to blot out the light forever. They seek to use Nathan and the Book of the Paladins to forever seal their control of Tell Horizon, and the people and creatures who dwell there.Unlit lanterns and torches line the walls; along the wall farthest from the door is Nathana#39;s sleeping hammock. There is a table ... Nathan pulls a slate from the floor to retrieve his prized companion; a stuffed animal with floppy ears. a€œStoakes that ... cheese man.a€ Later he hears several of Haydracka#39;s glorious loud talkers make.

Title:The Adventures Of Nathan Saint-cloud
Author:Eusebius Webster
Publisher:Palladium Imprint - 2015-03-24


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