The Afterlife, Angels and God

The Afterlife, Angels and God

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This collection of essays clarifies many of the mysteries regarding the inner-side of life, ranging from a fresh understanding of our relationship with God, to an explanation of the soul, the Angelic Kingdom, communication with spirit, and the afterlife. Defining the Soul answers such questions as does everyone have a soul? Do animals have a soul and an afterlife? And the Twin Soul Concept provides an in-depth explanation of the reason for the attraction between the sexes, and why we have 'soul-mates.' The Angelic Kingdom describes the role of angels, their origin, evolutionary pattern, and relationship with the 'little people' (fairies, etc.). Proof of continued existence after the ending of physical life, and the conditions we can expect in the next stage of our eternal journey, is contained in Afterlife: The Next Great Adventure. As most of this information came from beings who have already made their transition, the essay Spirit Communication explains how such contact is possible, and how to determine the accuracy of this communication. Mantra and Meditation offers guidance for both this life and the afterlife. And New Age Thought, Christianity and Vedanta explains the innate harmony which exists between these apparently different teachings.Over the years, however, I have learned it is most unwise to ignore that inner direction, and attempting to analyze such direction with logical ... So putting my personal preferences to one side I asked (mentally) for clarification, and over the space of several weeks it gradually became ... At one point I happened to look down and saw a package of cookies suddenly manifest right beside me on the couch.

Title:The Afterlife, Angels and God
Author:James Judd
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-07-01


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