The Age of the Image

The Age of the Image

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An urgent, erudite, and practical book that redefines literacy to embrace how we think and communicate now We live in a world that is awash in visual storytelling. The recent technological revolutions in video recording, editing, and distribution are more akin to the development of movable type than any other such revolution in the last five hundred years. And yet we are not popularly cognizant of or conversant with visual storytelling's grammar, the coded messages of its style, and the practical components of its production. We are largely, in a word, illiterate. But this is not a gloomy diagnosis of the collapse of civilization; rather, it is a celebration of the progress we've made and an exhortation and a plan to seize the potential we're poised to enjoy. The rules that define effective visual storytelling--much like the rules that define written language--do in fact exist, and Stephen Apkon has long experience in deploying them, teaching them, and witnessing their power in the classroom and beyond. In The Age of the Image, drawing on the history of literacy--from scroll to codex, scribes to printing presses, SMS to social media--on the science of how various forms of storytelling work on the human brain, and on the practical value of literacy in real-world situations, Apkon convincingly argues that now is the time to transform the way we teach, create, and communicate so that we can all step forward together into a rich and stimulating future.up, but they all do essentially the same thing: allow the user to create and deliver a talk that incorporates text, graphs, ... If you are an Apple computer user, you might be using Keynote, Applea#39;s version of presentation softa€” ware, but PowerPoint has ... Perhaps the most wella€”known and certainly the most celebrated PowerPointa€”type presentation was delivered by ... the animations of a tragic polar bear being relegated to a smaller and smaller landmass, and the visual simulations ofanbsp;...

Title:The Age of the Image
Author:Stephen Apkon
Publisher:Macmillan - 2013-04-16


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