The Alchemist Conspiracy

The Alchemist Conspiracy

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When Jack Trance's father is assassinated he has no time to grieve. His father leaves him a coded letter that leads to an ancient book, a stack of old financial documents and a chche of gold bars, with only a few clues to what they mean. When he asks his friends for help, they begin to mysteriously die, and then Jack becomes a target. He must evade death, unravel the clues and stop a two thousand year old plot to control the world.There was nothing he could do but allow the fall. He curled his head against his knees to ... The lines drew taught and Trance unrolled like a yoyo. His body stopped at the bottom, like the sleeper trick. But Trance wasna#39;t sleeping. He was halfanbsp;...

Title:The Alchemist Conspiracy
Author:Jay Lumbert
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-03-01


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