The alchemy of the heavens

The alchemy of the heavens

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The Alchemy Of The Heavensoffers an exciting and accessible survey of what we know about our galaxy. The home of the earth, the sun, and countless other stars, the Milky Way has long been an object of human fascintation, but it's been in the last forty years that astromoners and astrophysicists have made the most startling discoveries about our galaxy. Author Ken Croswell reveals that the Milky Way formed as many earlier galaxies collopsed and smashed together; that may of the elements in the galaxy--including the iron and carbon that course through our bodies--were born in exploding supernovae; that in all likelihood there is a massive black hole at the center of the galaxy, with a million times more mass than the sun, and that the Milky Way's oldest stars preserve the elements created in the big bang, thereby serving as qfossilsq of the universe's earliest days. A captivating journey through the modern astronomy of the Milky Way, Croswell shows us how a deeper understanding of the nature and working of the galaxy can offer larger clues into the origins of the universe itself. From the Trade Paperback edition.From the Trade Paperback edition. Croswell skillfully leads the reader through a detailed survey of current thinking on the Milky Way.

Title:The alchemy of the heavens
Author:Ken Croswell
Publisher:Doubleday - 1995


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