The Alcohol Blackout

The Alcohol Blackout

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If you sometimes drink and can't remember, this book may save your life! This is the first book ever written to explain blackouts, which occur far more frequently than anyone believes. A must read, whether you drink or not. A must read: If you drink and sometimes can't remember...If you live with or know someone who blacks out...If you ride in a car driven by such a person...If you are a policeman or paramedic dealing with him...If you are a doctor or nurse in an emergency room...If you are a lawyer prosecuting or defending a blacked out person. You will learn: How to recognize the blacked out person is unconscious and has no idea what he or she is doing...How to cope with him or her...How to protect the blacked out person and yourself from harm...How to drink to prevent blackouts...Why blackouts are a huge and misunderstood problem for the Law and Society...And More. Based on two decades of study, author Donal F. Sweeney, M.D., is a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.Once the alcohol enters the bloodstream it is rapidly distributed throughout the body and gains access to all tissues, including the fetus in pregnant women. ... I knew one teacher who tried to mask the odor of alcohol with orange juice.

Title:The Alcohol Blackout
Author:Donal F. Sweeney, Robert A. Liston
Publisher:Robert Liston - 2011-01-17


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