The Alcoholic Ironman

The Alcoholic Ironman

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For years, John Toth lived his life feeling empty, lonely, and even suicidal. He exercised sporadically, looked for better jobs every once in a while, and drank constantly. Even with a loving wife and children, something was missing from John's life, and he knew he would have to sober up to find it. After admitting his problem to his wife, John attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and made the familiar confession, 'I'm John, and I'm an alcoholic.' After ninety meetings in ninety days, as if getting sober wasn't hard enough, John decided to take on another challenge and start competing in triathlons. The Alcoholic Ironman follows John from his first 5K run to the Lake Placid Ironman in New York. With no experience running, swimming, or cycling, John faces as many struggles on his way to becoming an Ironman as he does on his way to becoming sober. After almost drowning during his first two triathlon swims, John wonders what he's gotten himself into. His triathlon training, like his quest for sobriety, never goes perfectly. But despite countless setbacks, John puts one foot in front of the other and keeps going. An inspirational read for anyone who battles addiction, low self-esteem, depression, or any other challenges, The Alcoholic Iron Man will motivate all readers to face life's obstacles head-on and find the Ironman in themselves.Ia#39;ll preface this part by saying that there are three main things that I did as a kid, swimming, biking, and playing guitar. In the summer, if it was sunny, I was in the pool. I spent a ton oftime at the shore and at the local pool and was a decentanbsp;...

Title:The Alcoholic Ironman
Author:John Toth
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2011


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