The Alienated War Veteran in Film and Literature

The Alienated War Veteran in Film and Literature

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The veterans' culture in postwar eras from World War I to the present is examined in this book, with specific attention to the historic events of each era as they influence veterans, and the literature and movies produced about veterans and by veterans. The intention is to highlight the reciprocal interactions among the influences of the war, the veterans, and the culture. The common alienation of the veterans of foreign wars is thoroughly explored. Films and literary works featuring war veterans of each era are examined in detail for their various views of alienation. Homer's Odyssey, myths, fairy tales, modern novels, memoirs, and short stories are all discussed with an emphasis on detailing what is common and expected with returning veterans, and what is unique for each postwar era.(Slawenski [2010, p. ... They have ridden a Jeep together through the course of the European fighting. ... but from here on in, for reasons Ia#39;m not at liberty to disclose, Ia#39;ve disguised myself so cunningly that even the cleverest reader will ... mental problems: a€œShe says you were probably unstable like your whole goddamn life.

Title:The Alienated War Veteran in Film and Literature
Author:Emmett Early
Publisher:McFarland - 2014-01-03


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