The Alphabetical Hookup List K-Q

The Alphabetical Hookup List K-Q

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How 3 girls tried to hook up with 78 guys in 1 semester: the second installment. So. Maybe freshman year isn't all it's cracked up to be. Jodi won't be joining a sorority any time soon. Celeste isn't so innocent anymore. Ali is on the verge of flunking out of PU. But who cares? Our heroines are hooking up with all sorts of Andys and Busters and qCaptainsq -- slowly but surely making their way toward that elusive Z. And when they decide to take the Alphabetical Hookup List on the road -- to Paris, no less -- it looks as though they can finally forget about their troubles. (For one long weekend, anyway.) Unfortunately -- thanks to a series of mishaps including scandalous behavior in the library stacks, a guitar-shaped tattoo, and a missing $6, 000 -- their troubles just got a lot worse. And the ABCs just got a lot more complicated.a€œWell, Ia#39;d better get some of these French books downstairs, a€ Jodi said, her legs protesting as she rose. ... with the guy lying down, feeling the weight of his body on top of you, but youa#39;re not ready to have sex yet, so you dona#39;t want to go to hisanbsp;...

Title:The Alphabetical Hookup List K-Q
Author:Phoebe McPhee
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2002-09-13


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