The Ambassador’s Daughter

The Ambassador’s Daughter

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It is 1993. Apartheida€”the oppression of South Africaa€”has ended, but the dawn of peace is far from near. Terrorist attacks, bombings, and random shootings continue throughout the land as warring factions, both black and white, resist a new democratic regime, determined to maintain a separation of the races. RenAce Davis is looking forward to spending her summer vacation in South Africa with her father, the United States Ambassador, her mother, and three of her friends. With plans to attend the inauguration of President Mandela and see as much of South Africa as possible, RenAce finalizes her travel arrangements without any idea that a secret assembly is also making its own plans in a last ditch effort to maintain positions of power threatened by the new South African Government. After their plane is hijacked in mid-air, RenAce and her friends are ushered off the plane by militiamen, leaving them terrified and uncertain of their fate. As a desperate search for the airplane begins, RenAce soon realizes that she and her friends have become bargaining chips in a dangerous battle. In this action-packed thriller, militant factions desperate to influence the writing of the new South African constitution kidnap the American ambassadora€™s daughter and her friends, unwittingly placing their destinies in the hands of an elite military team.They had a lot of fun buying furniture for the apartment andfound agood used car, a 1992 BMW 325i, to get around. ... dona#39;tlive in Los Angeles gripe about the problems Californians have had dealing with thebig earthquakes, pollution, riots, anbsp;...

Title:The Ambassador’s Daughter
Author:Harvey J. Williams
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-11-26


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