The American Heritage Science Dictionary

The American Heritage Science Dictionary

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Accessible and packed with great information, this new science dictionary offers readers a handy reference to everything from quarks to protoplasm, featuring 8, 500 entries, 350 photographs and drawings, and much, much more.American Heritage Dictionary ... Hemoglobin is also found in many invertebrates, where it circulates freely in the blood. ... It must bind to oxygen in the lungs, then release that oxygen in the tissues, then bind to carbon dioxide in the tissues and release it in the lungs. ... Carbon dioxide does not bind the heme in hemoglobin, but rather the amino groups at the ends of the hemoglobina#39;s protein subunits.

Title:The American Heritage Science Dictionary
Author:American Heritage Dictionary
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2005-01


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