The Amish Spaceman

The Amish Spaceman

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A comical road trip across the U.S. with a cast of surreal characters including a failed motivational speaker, a Kamchatkan runaway bride, a sock-crazed mafia boss, and cross-dressing parents. Unsatisfied with the daily grind of a Silicon Valley a€œbusiness coach and life consultant, a€ Dean Cook weasels his way into a once-in-a-lifetime chance for fame and fortune: a speaking slot at the National Motivational Speakera€™s Conference in West Virginia. Three days before the conference, Deana€™s girlfriend breaks up with him and destroys his passport and identification cards. Deana€™s flight plans are now scrapped, and hea€™s forced to steal a second hand ambulance. On the high-speed drive across the country he meets a Russian girl on the run from her fiancAc, a brutal and eccentric collector of womena€™s hosiery. Dean and the girl escape from a series of catastrophes including a shotgun wedding in Reno, Sea MonkeysTM in the Great Salt Lake, and parachuting from a B-25 bomber over Kentucky. Scrambling to catch up to Dean are his gender-bending parents, who see this as the last chance to throw their son a party that doesna€™t end in complete disaster. Because, after all, ita€™s Deana€™s birthday.Freeze a pair of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls and put one inside each cheek, right against the gums.a€ a€œI only ... a€œThis is my own special recipe, a€ said Tony. ... a€œDona#39;t get your little pink panties twisted in a knota€“a€“Frana#39;s gonna be here in a few hours.

Title:The Amish Spaceman
Author:Stephen Colegrove
Publisher:Stephen Colegrove - 2014-01-14


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