The Anomaly Crystal

The Anomaly Crystal

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The outcome from a destined great war between humans and creatures will be decided by the courage and emotions of a few honourable and worthy individuals. Raven is the last blood line descendent from the greatest wizard known as Grackle, and he has found himself living in a time of endless uncertainty, magic and sorcery between the humans and a terrifying creature race residing upon the mysterious Planet of Phoenix. Significant emotional elements, bravery, hatred and love are the fundamental factors for either the humans or the creatures surviving existence during this epic adventure.I cana#39;t! I must avenge my mother, a#39; replies Emerald angrily as she shuffles her body quickly into a position that allows her to lift ... Emerald times it right and does a backflip off the back of Felixa#39;s back and lands on top of an unsuspecting Venus as Felix gallops past her. Surprised, Venus falls over hard to the ground from the Emeralda#39;s whole body slamming against hers; the anomaly crystal also drops out ofanbsp;...

Title:The Anomaly Crystal
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2015-03-17


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