The Arab-American Handbook

The Arab-American Handbook

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At last, a friendly, helpful, and sometimes humorous guide that demystifies Arab, Arab-American, and Muslim cultures. This handbook is the perfect, low-key answer to the Park 51 (qGround Zero Mosqueq) controversy, Koran burnings, and widespread anti-Muslim sentiment. Nawar Shora, is a young Arab-American attorney who serves as a senior advisor in the Transportation Security Administration. This is an easy-to-read guide to the life, history, and culture of Arabs, Arab-Americans, and Muslims living in the US and abroad. The Handbook is used by law enforcement, corporations, and non-profits for staff training. It is the per-fect companion for the layperson. Students, teachers, travellers, employers, workers, and neighbours will benefit from this quick and clear introduction to the people and practices of the Arab and Muslim worlds.A Guide to the Arab, Arab-American, and Muslim Worlds Nawar Shora ... One of the worst offenders was JAG on CBS. ... Such shows rarely lasted more than a single season and included Threat Matrix on ABC, The Grid on TNT, and The Agency, The Unit, and Navy: NCIS on CBS. ... For example, on NBCa#39;s The West Wing, which was largely well-written, an early episode involved Syria shooting down ananbsp;...

Title:The Arab-American Handbook
Author:Nawar Shora
Publisher:Cune Press - 2009


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