The Arabic Language

The Arabic Language

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This general introduction to the Arabic Language, now available in paperback, places special emphasis on the history and variation of the language. Concentrating on the difference between the two types of Arabic - the Classical standard language and the dialects - Kees Versteegh charts the history and development of the Arabic language from the earliest beginnings to modern times. The reader is offered a solid grounding in the structure of the language, its historical context and its use in various literary and non-literary genres, as well as an understanding of the role of Arabic as a cultural, religious and political world language. Intended as an introductory guide for students of Arabic, it will also be a useful tool for discussions both from a historical linguistic and from a socio-linguistic perspective.Coverage includes all aspects of the history of Arabic, the Arabic linguistic tradition, Arabic dialects and Arabic as a world language. Links are made between linguistic history and cultural history, while the author emphasises the role of contacts between Arabic and other languages.This important book will be an ideal text for all those wishing to acquire an understanding or develop their knowledge of the Arabic language.Key Features:* A general introduction to the Arabic language* Accessible and effective communication of information* Impeccably documented* Updated guide to further reading* User-friendly indexIn modal expressions such as a#39;want to, must, cana#39;, Classical Arabic made use of a hypotactic construction with the ... in Egyptian Arabic ldzim tia#39;mil da a#39;you must do thisa#39;, in Moroccan Arabic hassni naktab a#39;I must writea#39; (from Classical ... According to them, as long as the tribes lived in the peninsula the language was basically uniform, with only marginal differences. ... habits began to change as the result of the different ways of speaking they heard from those who tried to learn Arabic, anbsp;...

Title:The Arabic Language
Author:C. H. M. Versteegh, Kees Versteegh
Publisher:Edinburgh University Press - 2001-01-01


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