The Archaeologist's Manual for Conservation

The Archaeologist's Manual for Conservation

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This is a Foreword by an archaeologist, not a conservator, but as Brad Rodgers says, a€œConservation has been steadily pulled from archaeology by the forces of specializationa€(p. 3), andhewantstoremedythatsituationthroughthismanual. He seesthisworkasaa€œcalltoactionforthenon-professionalconservator, a€permitting a€œcurators, conservators, and archaeologists to identify artifacts that need prof- sional attention and, allow these professionals to stabilize most artifacts in their own laboratories with minimal intervention, using simple non-toxic proceduresa€ (p. 5). It is the mission of Brada€™s manual to a€œbring conservation back into arch- ologya€ (p. 6). The degree of success of that goal depends on the degree to which archaeologists pay attention to, and put to use, what Brad has to say, because as he says, a€œThe conservationist/archaeologist is responsible to make preparation for an artifacta€™s care even before it is excavated and after its storage into the foreseeable futurea€. . . a tremendous responsibilitya€ (p. 10). The manual is a combination of highly technical as well as common sense methods of conserving wood, iron and other metals, ceramics, glass and stone, organicsandcompositsa€”afarbetterguidetoartifactconservationthanwasava- able to me when I ?rst faced that archaeological challenge at colonial Brunswick Town, North Carolina in 1958a€”a challenge still being faced by archaeologists today. The stage of conservation in 1958 is in dramatic contrast to the procedures Brad describes in this manuala€”conservation has indeed made great progress. For instance, acommonprocedurethenwastoheattheartifactsredhotinafurnacea€”a method that made me cringe.A Guide to Non-Toxic, Minimal Intervention Artifact Stabilization Bradley A. Rodgers ... The Graveny Boat: A Tenth Century Find from Kent (V. Fenwick, ed., British Archaeological Reports, Oxford) (1975). ... a€œOxygen, The Great Destroyer.a€ Natural History Vol. 101 No. 8, 1992, pp. 46. [ECU-761] Padfield, Tim, David Erhardt, anbsp;...

Title:The Archaeologist's Manual for Conservation
Author:Bradley A. Rodgers
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2007-05-08


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