The Archaeology of Capitalism in Colonial Contexts

The Archaeology of Capitalism in Colonial Contexts

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The Archaeology of Capitalism in Colonial Contexts: Postcolonial Historical Archaeologies explores the complex interplay of colonial and capital formations throughout the modern world. The authors present a critical approach to this topic, trying to shift discourses in the theoretical framework of historical archaeology of capitalism and colonialism through the use of postcolonial theory. This work does not suggest a new theoretical framework as such, but rather suggests the importance of revising key theoretical terms employed within historical archaeology, arguing for new engagements with postcolonial theory of relevance to all historical archaeologists as the field de-centers from its traditional locations. Examining case studies from North America, South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and Europe, the chapters offer an unusually broad ranging geography of historical archaeology, with each focused on the interplay between the particularisms of colonial structures and the development of capitalism and wider theoretical discussions. Every author also draws attention to the ramifications of their case studies in the contemporary world. With its cohesive theoretical framework this volume is a key resource for those interested in decolonizing historical archaeology in theory and praxis, and for those interested in the development of modern global dynamics.1930 Fifteenth Census of the United States: 1930, Population Schedule. Anne Arundel ... Ford, Benjamin. 1994 Health and ... 2006 The Dream of Reason: An Archaeology of the Failures of Modernity in Ethiopia. Journal of ... Hannah, Matthew G. 2000 Governmentality and Mastering Territory in Nineteenth-Century America.

Title:The Archaeology of Capitalism in Colonial Contexts
Author:Sarah K. Croucher, Lindsay Weiss
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2011-08-10


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