The Arsenal

The Arsenal

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Has religion been a masterful deception from the beginning? Do we, as humans, actually own anything, including our souls? Is life after death just an empty promise used to make slaves of us all? If asked, would you accept, then, forever conceal and protect from all intruders, the very thing that will destroy the world if you decline? Would you if you knew other aggressive world powers want it and will stop at nothing to get it? The Arsenala€”Slaves Among us is a captivating story beginning when ten year old Sheree Anderson is torn from her mothera€™s arms, by her husband, and given to the Company to settle an old debt. Murder, sex, passion, and deception abound just before the Civil War, when three farm families work to get her back, at the same time dealing with their own dark secrets, political ambitions, raiders, and the underground-railroad. Sheree has inherent gifts that the Company plans to use to lure all earthly souls, to attain world dominance. Her father is covertly recruited by the federal government to track down those threatening our United States of America. But who, or what, is our enemy? Can walls have eyes and ears?She pauses to get a reaction, but when it doesna#39;t come, she adds, a€œAnd, Ia#39;m here to help them.a€ At that moment, before another thought can come over any of the three, the outside stairs squeak; someonea#39;s coming. Nora is at the door before ... here to make sure it happens. Ia#39;ve recently made a life changing decision to place my loyalties with your family, and do whatever is necessary to stop the Company.

Title:The Arsenal
Author:Kenneth Whaley
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2007-07-19


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