The Art of Makeup

The Art of Makeup

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This book is written to assist you in the a€œart of makeupa€. Over the years, I have learned a great deal about makeup from wonderful books and magazines, professional makeup artists, and classes, as well as my personal experiences. I took one-on-one makeup and color certification classes from renowned professional British makeup artist and former model Terri Allen. Terri has worked for top model agencies and had her own successful business in both the makeup and fashion industries in Europe, the Far East and the Middle East. I learned from the best! This book is meant to be a guide that represents my ideas about applying and wearing makeup. Nothing is written in stone! Over time, you will discover what works best for you and your lifestyle. My approach to applying makeup is simple, classic, and workable. Makeup can be natural and polished for daytime and become glamorous and sophisticated for evening with a few strokes of a brush. Makeup is fun and the best part is you can wash it off and start again to change your look! Loving makeup as I do, I can remember the first fashion and beauty teen magazine I brought the summer I was about 13 years old. I can still remember a fabulous nail polish called a€œa€œOrange Gone Wilda€ that was being touted as the color of the moment. Many nail polish bottles in the 60a€™s came with long finials on the top of the bottle cover, and I thought it so very glamorous! I could not wait to purchase my very first polish at the drugstore! That single purchase opened the door to for some wonderful and not-so-wonderful experiences in the ever-changing world of beauty! Although orange is not a particularly good color for me, I still look forward to summer, sandals and orangey shades of nail polish. Makeup gives a women confidence - yet so many women will say to me that they simply do not have the time or the desire to apply makeup. Believe it or not, makeup is beneficial to both your skin and your self-confidence. Women who wear makeup are seen as more polished and up-to-date. Like it or not, people respond to you in the first 3 seconds of meeting and how you look and present yourself to the world plays the biggest role in that first impression. Makeup plays a vital role in that total look. Think about it - a woman can be wearing the most beautiful, expensive suit in her closet, gorgeous shoes and jewelry, but without the finishing touch of makeup she will not look finished or polished- something will be missing! And while someone may not be able to put his or her finger on quite what it is, that first impression picture is incomplete. First impressions are the most important and lasting ones and happen instantly. Now, before you disagree and say people should like me for the person I am inside, I want you to know I agree with you completely. However, they will first size you up, right or wrong based on the physical package. And that can be bad enough to stop them from wanting to get to know the real you inside. This might be harsh, but ita€™s true. You are packaging yourself for presentation to the world, your world, regardless of how you wrap yourself. Just a few minutes spent on doing your makeup is all it takes. Makeup can lift your spirits when you are down, bring out another side of your personality, and boost your self-esteem. All of this in a bottle, tube, or pot! Makeup does not have to be overwhelming or time-consuming. With the proper tools and the right products, in a matter of a few minutes a day, you can look your absolute best and face the world with confidence, knowing that you are putting your best foot forward.Always use a variety of good brushes in proper shapes to get the look you desire. Choose ... If the eyes are a warmer brown with gold flecks then choose warm browns, bronzes, and golds. ... Warmer colors for blue eyes, like warm browns or rusts in the crease of the eye with a vanilla hilighter over the entire lid, look great.

Title:The Art of Makeup
Author:Cynthia Reynolds Oelking
Publisher:Cynthia Reynolds Oelking -


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