The Art of the Snowflake

The Art of the Snowflake

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The perfect geometry and exquisite beauty of nature is nowhere so clear to us as in the snowflake. But how have we been able to appreciate this infinitesimal wonder in all its crystalline glory? This book, as much a work of art as a testament to science, reveals how one of the snowflakea€™s most inspired photographers came to such intimate knowledge of his craft and its fleeting focus. Beautiful pictures illustrate Kenneth Libbrechta€™s story of the microphotography of snow crystals, from the pioneering work of Wilson Bentley in the 1890s right up to Kena€™s own innovations in our age of digital images. A breathtaking look at the works of art that melt in an instant, this is a book to page through and savor, season after season.make the snow squeak and crunch Visiting Fairbanks inJanuary feels a bit like visiting another planeta€”one thata#39;s far from ... As dawn broke slowly, I found there were no clouds to feed the snowfall, which explained why the crystals were small.

Title:The Art of the Snowflake
Author:Kenneth Libbrecht
Publisher:Voyageur Press - 2007-10-15


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