The Assault on Communities of Color

The Assault on Communities of Color

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The United States is not post-racial, despite claims otherwise. The days of lynching have been replaced with a pernicious modern racism and race-based violence equally strong and more difficult to untangle. This violence too often results in the killing of Black Americans, particularly males. While society may believe we have transcended race, contemporary history tells another story with the recent killings of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and others. While their deaths are tragic, the greater tragedy is that incidents making the news are only a fraction of the assault on communities of color in. This volume takes seriously the need for concentrated and powerful dialogue to emerge in the wake of these murders that illuminates the assault in a powerful and provocative way. Through a series of essays, written by leading and emerging academics in the field of race studies, the short a€œconversationsa€ in this collection challenge readers to contemplate the myth of post-raciality, and the real nature of the assaults on communities of color. The essays in this volume, all under 2000 words, cut to the heart of the matter using current assaults as points of departure and is relevant to education, sociology, law, social work, and criminology.If not for the push from Tilla#39;s mom to have an open casket funeral to show how badly her young son had been beaten, and Trayvona#39;s parentsa#39; push for justice, both stories would have been buried and long forgotten. Till and Martin did not know that they would ... Davisa#39;s killer, Michael Dunn, thought the music was too loud. Dunn told the a€œpunksa€ to turn the music down. When they did not comply, he openedanbsp;...

Title:The Assault on Communities of Color
Author:Kenneth Fasching-Varner, Nicholas Daniel Hartlep
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2015-06-01


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