The Asthma Handbook

The Asthma Handbook

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'Asthma has become something of a modern epidemic. Twenty years ago it affected one in ten people. Now, one if five children and nearly as many adults suffers from it. And despite better, more effective, drugs to combat the problem, the death rate is not going down. Around 2, 000 people die from the complaint each year. ' DAILY MAIL, TUESDAY APRIL 26, 1994. With no known cure for asthma, this comprehensive guide seeks to give practical help to all age groups in dealing with the growing problem, listing the many known triggers for the condition and giving advice on how to avoid them. And following the style established by her two previous titles, THE ASTHMA HANDBOOK contains case histories showing how individuals cope with asthma, as well as the various treatments available, both conventional and where sensible complementary. Packed with essential information such as what to do when faced with an asthma attack, THE ASTHMA HANDBOOK is THE guide for suffers, friends and relations and it may even save a life.ATOPIC ECZEMA USUALLY starts in childhood but can also appear for the first time in adolescence or adulthood. ... and looks leathery. ... In fact you may be less likely to feel cold straight away than someone who does not have eczema.

Title:The Asthma Handbook
Author:Lewis , Jenny With The National Asthma Campaign
Publisher:Random House - 2012-01-31


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