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In the year 2032, a ship of immense penetrated the earthsa€™ atmosphere and (due to the damage bestowed upon it by the United Earth Forces Stellar Defense Grid for potential planet threatening asteroids) crashed-landed thirty miles north of Ulan Bator, Mongolia, creating a fireball large enough to be seen from Russian boarder line. Only two beings in a fifty-mile radius survived the impact, both were passengers. One was Galyymann from the planet Granitan, a renegade priest of Teltumdar sect, a religion unknowingly shared and practice by man and Granites alike for hundreds if not thousands of years. The other was his cargo, a six foot tall living coffee bean possessing extraordinary powers, one of the twelve Beans of Blendeen who calls itself Ononot. There ejection pod was found by a poor fishermana€™s daughter named Omi off the coast of Okinawa, Japan several days later who befriended the priest. Galyymann however kept Ononot and his alien identity a secret fearing it would frighten the beautiful Omi away.Commander Gault: Obviously, we cana#39;t afford this incident to leave this area, nor can we allow any of this information to leak out as well. Whoever has ring 1 clearancearenow hearby containedinside of ring1 until this can allbe can be sortedanbsp;...

Author:Victor Silva
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-02-27


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