The Audacity of Leadership

The Audacity of Leadership

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Have you every wondered, what defines leadership in the 21st Century? Do you know what it takes to become a revolutionary leader for change? Do you possess the essential skills needed to be a transformative leader in your organization? What are the things that separate extraordinary leaders from ordinary leaders? Look no further for these answers. Anton Gunn's amazing love of Hip Hop, community organizing and politics has uniquely prepared him to craft these leadership essentials that he calls The Audacity of Leadership. Anton's distinctive ability to turn small opportunities into bold leadership positions was the beginning of The Audacity of Leadership. Anton's leadership path has taken him from Hip Hop; to Division I College Football; to the youngest executive to lead a major non-profit organization in South Carolina; ultimately to making history in the South Carolina House of Representatives. Anton's career led him to a defining leadership experience working for future President, Barack Obama. This unique opportunity has given Anton profound insights into the essentials necessary to become the kind of bold leader that makes change possible in our world. The model of The Audacity of Leadership explains the essential qualities that today's leaders must posses in order to become a bold and transformative leader in the 21st Century. Anton learned these skills as a community organizer, advocate, and a political leader. Now you can learn them too. Start your leadership journey today by mastering these essentials and I promise you, you will enhance your ability to change the world.While it is important to have a unique flavor (style) in presenting yourself as a leader, style becomes a problem when you ... In doing so, we neglect to ask the questions that address the substance of the matter, which are, Who knows what it takes to be a real leader? ... All you have to do is look at the exposure of former presidential candidate John Edwards, former Enron CEO Ken Lay, former AIG CEOanbsp;...

Title:The Audacity of Leadership
Author:Anton J. Gunn
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-08


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