The Autism Fitness Handbook

The Autism Fitness Handbook

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This handbook is for parents, educators, therapists and anyone involved in the lives of children and adults with autism spectrum disorders. It gives over 30 exercises that can help to improve the health, motor planning and cognitive ability of children and adults. Each exercise has a visual support, qHow To, q and qCoaching Tipsq for the reader. Exercises are challenging and fun!To some extent, this has been the philosophy behind physical education for the past 20 years. ... level of fitness in sit-ups, the shuttle run, an endurance run/walk (the mile), pull-ups, push-ups, and the sit and reach. With these exercises, our children are being assessed on quantity of exercise (e.g., how many push-ups they do, how fast they run), ... When we work with the developing human body, this antiquated method of physical education does not support a childa#39;s physical needs.

Title:The Autism Fitness Handbook
Author:David S. Geslak - 2011-04-01


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