The Baby Food Bible

The Baby Food Bible

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THE TIME TO ENCOURAGE HEALTHY EATING HABITS AND SMART FOOD CHOICES FOR YOUR CHILD IS NOW. Unhealthy food is everywherea€“colorfully packaged, cheap, and full of fat, calories, and sodium. Ita€™s no wonder childhood obesity has become an epidemic in the last thirty years. As a result, by the time most people reach adulthood, theya€™re already wired to overeat. Family nutrition expert Eileen Behan posits that good nutrition and good eating habits start on day one. The Baby Food Bible features a guide to more than 100 foods recommended for infants and toddlers based on the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines, tells parents when to introduce these foods into a child's diet, and emphasizes the importance of setting healthy eating routines that center on family meals at the dining room tablea€“the perfect time to build good habits. In a clear, accessible style, Behan describes how to: a€c foster an appetite for a healthy variety of new foods (therea€™s more to life than string cheese) a€c avoid everyday pitfalls, such as relying on too much fruit juice or labeling your child a picky eater a€c establish a meal and snack schedule (children will feel more secure and eat better) a€c decipher the many labels and ingredient lists at the grocery store a€c prevent and treat common food-related issues, including allergies, colic, choking, and iron deficiency a€c encourage the foods that will discourage chronic disease, from high blood pressure to heart disease The Baby Food Bible also features an alphabetized indexa€“from apples to zucchinia€“that explains how to buy, store, prepare, and serve more than 100 foods, with delicious recipes for every meal, wholesome snack ideas, and advice for eating out. Therea€™s no better way to ensure your child will grow up to have a happy and healthy life! From the Trade Paperback edition.A very unique fruit that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, the avocado ripens after picking and has heart-healthy fat. Most of the ... Slice in half, remove peel and pit, and mash with a fork with a drop of apple juice with vitamin C or lemon juice (to stop the browning). ... To ripen, place in a paper bag with a banana.

Title:The Baby Food Bible
Author:Eileen Behan
Publisher:Ballantine Books - 2008-07-29


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