The Backyard Goat

The Backyard Goat

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This is the complete beginnera€™s guide to raising goats at home. Whether you want to raise goats for their milk and fiber or keep them as pets or companion animals, this book covers all the essentials. Youa€™ll learn how to choose the right goats for your needs and space, house and feed them, keep them healthy, and train them to do simple tricks, pull and drive carts, and serve as pack goats. Youa€™ll also learn how to milk, shear, breed, raise newborn kids, and more. The Backyard Goat makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of owning goats, with no experience least two tip-proof dog bowls or crate cups: one for water and one (or more) for dry feed. Much of ... Doelings are easy: cotton or disposable diapers for human infants of comparable size neatly do the trick (be sure to snip out a hole for babya#39;s tail). In addition to ... Choose the Right Companion If youa#39;re raising a pair of kids, theya#39;ll reassure each other, but a single kid needs a large, soft toy to cuddle up to.

Title:The Backyard Goat
Author:Sue Weaver
Publisher:Storey Publishing - 2011-04-16


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