The Bank Fee Fighter

The Bank Fee Fighter

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Explosive Secret Strategy to be Revealed to ONLY 500 people ... qHow to I got Wells Fargo to Refund my bank Fees! FASTq qIn Bank Fees Fighter you'll learn how to make kick your bank's butt legally. I also want to show you my TOP SECRET Fees Refund method. It will make your make bank call you and refund your fees!q qThis Secret Ninja Method Is Your Shortcut To Success - It Can Give You all of your bank fees back In the Shortest Amount Of Time Than Anything I've Ever Seen!q With your permission, I want to send you a very short report (with videos) that has the power to get all the stolen bank fees back to you. I gave a copy of secret to 10 of my VIP clients and asked them if they thought that it was worth my asking price. All of the reply with an enthusiastic YES!... Most told me I wanted too little for it. It's very short at just 13 pages, but the MUST HAVE strategy I reveal allows me cash in BIG from the banks, while simultaneously getting justice use the Bank Fees Fighter effortlessly. Why am I letting this Secret out to Public...... Because I am pissed off at the banks Here is what happened. I opened a savings and a checking out with Wells Fargo. And informed Tim (personal banker) that I have been dealing with Wells Fargo on an old account with a BS fees. That is showing up on my ChexSystem (it keeps track of your banking information just like credit bureaus) which was prohibiting me from opening bank account with any bank. This is worst than having bad credit!!! Tim assured me that opening these accounts will not affect my previous dispute with Wells. Few months later I put $32 in my saving account and $100 in my checking account. Guess what happen NEXT...... Both of my accounts were empty with in 30 days. And called Tim and asked him what happened and he never called me back. So I drove to the branch to talk with him and he said he could not help me it's a corporate issue. So called up their corporate 800 phone number and talked with few people and got tossed around in the telephone circle jerk..... and they passed the buck to their collection people.... And collection people could not explain to me why I had that charge on my account. .. I got tired of talking to all of these morons.. I then went back to my branch and I asked Tim to talk with the manager I think his name was Nick. He said qlet me call my regional VP and get back to you.q That sounded fair since a bank manager running a branch does not have authority (what a joke) to make the customer happy.. I waited and waited and waited..... He never called back; so I picked up the phone and called Nick. Guess what he said......... You guessed it.... . the regional freken VP denied the request to get my $132 back.. This is now been few months and I am getting super tired of these jokers.. I thought what else can I do.. Naturally the Federal government, FDIC and the police etc are here to help us the public. I my mind the bank STOLE the money from my account without my permission.. sounds like stealing to me.. and I was unable to get it back.. so I called the police and reported it.. Guess what I was told.. the bank is too big for us to fight .. Please call FDIC and may be they will be able to help you.. So as a good citizen I filled an online complaint with FDIC.. .. You guessed it.... They said it was OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) issue about passing the buck I sent and email back to FDIC and NEVER heard back.. I got all my money back and derogatory removed from the ChecxSystem... It's truly a mail it and get it strategy. This strategy is certainly none of the following... * It's NOT calling 800 * It's NOT robbing the bank * It's NOT begging * It's NOT hacking the bank * It's NOT talking to media * It's NOT going postal * It's NOT reporting them FDIC * It's NOT reporting them to FBI * It's NOT reporting them to local police * It's NOT calling customer supportThat is showing up on my ChexSystem (it keeps track of your banking information just like credit bureaus) which was prohibiting me from opening bank account with any bank. This is worst than having bad credit!

Title:The Bank Fee Fighter
Author:Ishwar UttamChandani
Publisher:CreateSpace - 2011-06-01


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