The Barber's Chair

The Barber's Chair

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The Barber's Chair... the place all men go to begin their interview process... to start their weekend off... to begin a road trip... to get ready for that wedding... to begin a new life on campus. The barber does not just give one a cut, he is forever the beginning of any event in a gentleman's life. This has been a barber's place in society since time immemorial, however few people know of the barber's other role... a purveyor of tales. Some might label him a psychologist, a soothsayer or a psychiatrist, but that most of the time is not the case. You see, a barber is probably privy to more tales than any of the aforementioned professionals because he does not have to ask to receive. Anyone who sits in a barber's chair has a story to tell and these stories are a byproduct of not only forgetting that someone is indeed listening, but a willingness to share with someone who is detached from the situation and will not be judgmental. These stories are also as diverse as the people telling them: bankers, servicemen, janitors, CEOs, lawyers, doctors, Hispanics, Caucasians, African Americans, Indians, Africans, you name it- they all have a story to tell. These are their stories...Guys likewatching girls make out and ita#39;sso prevalent in society. You turn on wrestling you see girls making out. You goto the movies, you see girls makingout. You turnon sporting events, you see girls making out. You see itin commercials, youanbsp;...

Title:The Barber's Chair
Author:Nana Boateng
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-10-31


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