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q a€œ...And leaving all others be faithful unto her a€˜til death do you part.a€ Ginny stood there listening to the words the preacher said. Would Lucas agree to the vows he had just heard---could he say the words? a€œI do.a€ He said them. Now it was up to her. Could she bring herself to say them? Could she agree to a marriage that was only a bargain between them? They were strangers, but here they stood, ready to commit to a lifetime with each other. The time had come. She must give an answer; an answer that would determine the rest of her life a€œI do.a€ She said them. The words that would make her one with this man standing here beside her. Had she lied to God? Had he? What happened to people who lied to God? When Ginny Carver, a young woman who was raised with wealth and had only known a lifestyle that goes along with having money and Lucas Kane, a poor country preacher who struggles just to support his family are brought together by desperate circumstances, can they find a way to survive in a loveless marriage? Will the commitment they made and their need for each other be strong enough to see them through the hard times ahead? When a man from Ginnya€™s past returns and offers her the love she craves and the lavish lifestyle she was used to, will her commitment to God and to the marriage keep her faithful to Lucas and the vows she took on her wedding day? qAlthough he had not lost much when the Depression hit, he felt better having his money where he could keep an eye on it. If the banks ... a€œOkay, just promise that you wona#39;t overdo it.a€ a€œI promise. ... a€œAnd since Thursday is Thanksgiving wea#39;re going to deliver the stuff on Wednesday in time for Thanksgiving dinner. We also gotanbsp;...

Author:Viti Lee Tackett
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-02-24


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