The Baron Honor

The Baron Honor

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Fresh from a war with rival rancher Miguel Aguilar, and still licking family wounds, Martin Baron and his son, Anson, go their separate ways as Jory Sherman continues the epic saga of the Barons. Martin heeds the call of the Texas Rangers, hoping to restore honor to his native Texas as the storm of war quickly approaches. News from the east speaks of a long and drawn out conflict between the Union and the Confederacy. Though Martin never believed in slavery and holds no loyalty to the Confederacy, the Rangers seem like his best bet to defend his home, and perhaps give him the opportunity to bring Aguilar to justice. Unlike his father, whom he sees as abandoning the ranch in its time of greatest need, Anson stays behind to pick up the pieces after the war. He wishes to bring the Barons' ranch to new glory, but to do so, he'll need to capture the elusive white bull, El Blanco Diablo, to sire his herd. And of course there's Lorene Purvis, the beautiful woman who's pledged her love to Anson; she may be the key to a new start. The trail soon grows rocky for the Baron men. When Aguilar escapes after a bloody ambush, he has nothing but revenge against the Baron family festering in his head. Meanwhile, Anson's vaqueros have abandoned the Baron ranch, and a band of Apache have set their sights on making it their own the only way they know how . . . by killing the man who runs it. The Barons have always been respected, but as rough times roll in, they're forced to reevaluate where their friends' loyalties lie, while also questioning their own. One thing's for sure, they won't lay down without a fight, and they'll do anything to defend The Baron Honor.In thefrontroom, he opened a humidor andtook outthree cigars, smelled them. ... How long had Bone harbored his dreamto takeover the Rocking A?Who could know what was inthe black heartofa ... could know the lengths sucha man would go to steal what belonged to another? ... to thehouse at dusk and thesunwas just brimming the far horizon before it sank from sight inonelast burst of shimmering gold.

Title:The Baron Honor
Author:Jory Sherman
Publisher:Macmillan - 2005-02-24


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