The Basic Elements of Music

The Basic Elements of Music

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The Basic Elements of Music qqExplanations (suitable for any age) of the basic elements of music, with suggested activities for introducing the each concept to children at early elementary school level. The course may be used by instructors not trained in music; all necessary definitions and explanations are included.qq -This teaching textbook includes -The Time Elements (Rhythm, Meter) -The Pitch Elements (Timbre, Melody, Harmony) -Combining Time and Pitch -The Textures of Music -An Introduction to Counterpoint -Form in Music This music textbook, authored by Catherine Schmidt-Jones, is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license, published by Textbook Equity without changes to the academic content. http: // or make any instruments or equipment the students will need. Procedure 1. Explain that accented notes are louder than the notes around them. Show them an accent on the board or handout. Notes with an accent mark should beanbsp;...

Title:The Basic Elements of Music
Author:Textbook Equity - 2014-09-04


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