The Basics of Electric Current

The Basics of Electric Current

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A compelling introduction to electric current, this volume investigates the conducting properties of various materials and goes on to describe ways of producing electric currents. It also describes how electricity is used in the home, in industry, and in the world of communications. Aligned to the Common Core science standards, the text explains moving charge, current and stored charge, resistance and power, direct and alternating currents, and electricity from machines, among other subjects. Nine activities help students understand practical applications. A chapter about Thomas Alva Edison honors his electric lightbulb invention and the beginning of the electric age.A modern American domestic supply normally delivers at least 200 amps, and possibly 440 amps or more. The electricity supply is described as being at 110 or 120 volts. Both are a€œnominala€ valuesa€”127 receives a a€œthree-wireanbsp;...

Title:The Basics of Electric Current
Author:Christopher Cooper
Publisher:The Rosen Publishing Group - 2014-07-15


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