The Basics of The Forex Markets

The Basics of The Forex Markets

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The basics of the Forex markets e-book, video tutorials and website content was put together by myself to teach regular people how to trade the markets. I am not a banker, I am not an x-Wall street guy, and I have never traded in large institutions with thousands to spend on their training programmes! I am just like you, I used to be an employee, working as a chef for 17 years, covering 60 a€“ 70 hours a week, split shifts, weekends and all of the holidays! I stumbled across Forex trading and knew that is my way out, It was not easy! It took me over a year before I got any real education on Forex, it looked so easy at the start! But once I had blown 2 accounts by this point, it was time to get educated or quit! I didna€™t want to quit because I saw the opportunity Forex trading can offer, so I persevered and never stopped learning to this day, I make it my mission to always educate myself further, every day I will learn something new and it is not just about Forex, I learn about business, real estate investing and sales marketing. You should make that one of your missions to always educate yourself, it is the only way to get on in life! Anyway, it took me a while to realise that the markets are a little bit harder to read than initially perceived, with all of the news events, manipulation and uncertainty. It took many more months of learning and practice to become consistent in my trading, but persevere and you can get there! So if you are like me, like many others out there trying to learn on their own, I have been there, I have struggled on, dealt with all of the emotions of being a retail trader, no boss to give you a hard time if your trading performance does not meet up with the institutions demands. You have to learn to be your own boss, research your trading performance, kick your but if you deviate from the plan and push yourself to the next level! I am self taught and you are going do the same, so why not learn from somebody that has walked down the road you are about to embark on, but Ia€™ll help you shorten your learning curve! We all know what opportunities Forex trading can bring, every benefit is unique to you. It is up to you how these rewards will manifest into your life, you must put in some effort to see any rewards. Success is the pay off in exchange for the amount of time and effort devoted to a task, it is said that you will need to devote 10, 000 hours of practice before becoming a master of your endeavor! I remember my first Forex training course, it was $900 and it only covered the basics, it was O.K at the time, but there was so much more I had to learn! I later subscribed with another guy for $650 one off fee and a recurring $90 monthly subscription charge to trade with him twice a week, I did this for one and a half years! That is my two main ones, but I have done a trading psychology course and many many more. Looking back, thinking that the amount of money I have actually paid for fragments of information is kind of sickening. I am a firm believer of that you should pay for your education and pay well when you can, because you have to be cautious about the free information out there, but we want information for a reasonable price, have it all in one place and have life time updates on new trading techniques. So this is what I propose; Learn from somebody that came from the bottom and had nobody to help but his eagerness and drive. If you become one of my loyal members, I will teach you about the basics of the Forex markets, with lifetime updates. This is my website, Forex trading and teaching is my life! In exchange for a small one off fee, for the time and effort devoted to building the tactical trader boot camp website, I will devote to giving you everything you need to know getting started in Forex trading, it will give you the insights into Forex trading. I wona€™t teach you every single thing, I do not use every single indicator, I will not explain every single indicator, trading patterns, or trading algorithms. I will simply teach you what you need to know and give you the tools you need to become your own success story! I cut out all of the fluff, no B.S, and as long as you can put up with my Scottish accent, I think we will be just fine! So become a member of the boot camp and start learning today!Yes, the 5 minute chart does create a lot more noise and volatility compared to the hourly chart but, this is a high probability ... Do your technical analysis and keep your eye out for a reversal on the important levels determined by your analysis.

Title:The Basics of The Forex Markets
Author:Steven Drummond
Publisher:Tactical Trader Boot Camp - 2015-04-11


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