The Bear Dogs of Katahdin

The Bear Dogs of Katahdin

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The mother moose was standing by her three-week old calf. She gave me a cold hard stare and then laid her ears back. I could actually see the hair rise up on the back of her neck just before she put her head down and charged. Barely into my second month as a Baxter State Park ranger and a big animal was angry and running straight at me. She could kill me or cause serious injury with one flail of her hooves. This was surreal. I was a ranger, for Petea€™s sake. How was I going to explain this in my weekly report? The Bear Dogs of Katahdin is Steve TetreaultAas true account of his time spent as a ranger in MaineAas Baxter State Park, a wilderness area of over 204, 000 acres. In this collection of anecdotal stories, Steve describes his life as a new ranger in a strange place, meeting new people--and learning about his wild neighbors. If you are a lover of the outdoors in general, or perhaps Maine and Baxter State Park in particular, you will appreciate SteveAas depiction of a park rangerAas life from the point of view of a young and idealistic person.Someone had dropped off a litter of kittens in the wilds of Baxtera€”someone who was stupid and cruel no doubt. ... animal shelter. If she werena#39;t adopted promptly, the animal shelter folks would be forced to euthanize her. So, I named the littleanbsp;...

Title:The Bear Dogs of Katahdin
Author:Steve Tetreault
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2007-11-29


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