The Beginner's Guide to Walking the Buddha's Eightfold Path

The Beginner's Guide to Walking the Buddha's Eightfold Path

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a€œWriting a a€˜nuts and boltsa€™ guide that is genuinely wise, charmingly conversational, and a pleasure to read requires a particular talent, and Jean Smith has proved once again that she has it.a€a€”Sylvia Boorstein, author of Dona€™t Just Do Something, Sit There The third of Jean Smitha€™s Beginnera€™s Guides focuses on the Buddhaa€™s Eightfold Patha€”the concepts central to practicing the Buddhaa€™s teachings in daily life. The eight steps on the path are: right understanding, thought, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration. Smith explains exactly what the Buddha had in mind, using translations of his own words and then elucidating them for us. Throughout the book are wonderful quotes from a broad range of Buddhist teachers, giving a taste of the very best each of them has to offer. The Beginnera€™s Guide to Walking the Buddhaa€™s Eightfold Path is a prescription for happiness, not just for overcoming suffering, which is how many people think of Buddhism. Here is a book for Buddhists of every tradition. From the Trade Paperback edition.In terms of our everyday lives, perhaps the most terse and accurate statement about happiness and Buddhist practice was made by Insight Meditation teacher jack Kornfield, quoting a sign in a Las Vegas casino: a€œYou must be present to win.

Title:The Beginner's Guide to Walking the Buddha's Eightfold Path
Author:Jean Smith
Publisher:Harmony - 2007-12-18


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