THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF MY LIFE: My Battle With Leukemia & Other Things

THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF MY LIFE: My Battle With Leukemia & Other Things

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This book tells the story of what really happens when battling a very serious disease, in this case leukemia. It tells about the human reaction of the author and his wife when told by an oncologist, a€œMr. Rennie, you have prolymphocytic leukemia, a€ and then being told on a cancer telephone hot-line that you may have only three months to live. It translates, in human, detailed, non-medical terms, such things as the hours spent in leather recliners receiving IVs of chemotherapy and other drugs too numerous to count, getting stuck with needles ten times to find a vein, sometimes confounding interactions with doctors, nurses, and insurance companies, and nearly shaking to death one morning in the leather recliner. It also tells some funny stories like a€œMiss Blabbermoutha€ in the surgeona€™s waiting room, and the time the author a€œmooneda€ an oncologist. It also exposes the hopefully outdated a€œpoor bastard with cancera€ syndrome. Finally, it totals up some interesting things such as number of needle sticks, hours in an IV chair, CT and PET scans, bone marrow extractions, and the amount of money that the disease has cost so fara€”billed versus paid. It is also a legacy book in that it tells many of the unforgettable lessons learned while growing up in a blue-collar, sports-minded neighborhood in the guts of Philadelphia. It tells about a dad with two very separate and distinct personalities, one a very bad a€œdrunk dada€ and one an outstanding a€œgood dad, a€ and a perfect mother loving to the very end. It outlines the authora€™s two older brothers and two younger sisters and their important roles in the family, a strong one to this day, all of whom volunteered to be stem-cell donors. It describes the authora€™s wifea€™s warmth, understanding and stoic battle alongside of her husband. Above all, this is a a€œgood newsa€ book, one which is intended to inform as well as bring a few knowledgeable smiles to those who have been through similar experiences, and even bigger smiles to those who havena€™t.My Battle With Leukemia aamp; Other Things Ed Rennie ... Something inside me wanted to put off this next visit as long as possible. Still, I agreed to ... I really wanted to know what was going to take place from here forward, e.g., what would be the process of monitoring my state of remission. He said that ... Bone marrow samples would be taken every six months as long as the blood tests were very favorable.

Title:THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF MY LIFE: My Battle With Leukemia & Other Things
Author:Ed Rennie
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2005-11-08


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