The Beijing Games

The Beijing Games

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WOODPUSHERS An epic tale of determination that takes us to a unique destination to survive. Long-buried secrets from the passed emerge as three young brothers join together to establish their destiny using only their talent and wit. Zor, McKeafin, and Van born the son's to Cedar and Mahogany in a spectacular world where riding the ramps and rails freely were a way of life. They dream they wake up everyday, born to ride on wood and wheels and are determined in every way. They were called to preserve the world for future generations. They are the Woodpushers and they live in a world all their own. It is an amusing and amazing adventure, three young brothers about to fulfill their destiny and soon learn that the world they know is know longer the same. Skating and competing recreating the old moves and inventing new ones at the great Skatetopia Coliseum has now been halted! The three young brothers discover a hidden evil trying to manipulate their fate. In the land of Galwyn there are footwakers and fruitbooters and of course woodpushers. There is a very important book to all Woodpushers from the beginning of time, and it records the history of the passed and holds the secrets of the future. The book has been stolen! Zee, Fin, and Van make the decision to venture off into the unknown lands beyond Galwyn, The three young woodpushers do not know what lies ahead or the unexpected encounters they must face: the slip-n-sliding forest and the ramp-n-grinding challenges to retrieve the Book of Writings, the evil Birch and Tech who plan to take control of destiny. Will the woodpushers survive these adventures and save the future, or fall prey to an evil force determined to destroy them? The world wonders and awaits the tale...When overzealous Beijing conspirators unleash a deadly pathogen on Americaa#39;s food supply to further damage the U.S. ... the beautiful twenty-fi ve year old, multi- lingual Beijing tour guide recruited by a U.S. Embassy intelligence agent toanbsp;...

Title:The Beijing Games
Author:Pat DePaolo
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2007-11


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