The Best American Short Stories 2013

The Best American Short Stories 2013

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a€œAs our vision becomes more global, our storytelling is stretching in many ways. Stories increasingly change point of view, switch location, and sometimes pack as much material as a short novel might, a€ writes guest editor Elizabeth Strout. a€œIta€™s the variety of voices that most indicates the increasing confluence of cultures involved in making us who we are.a€ The Best American Short Stories 2013 presents an impressive diversity of writers who dexterously lead us into their corners of the world. In a€œMiss Lora, a€ Junot DAsaz masterfully puts us in the mind of a teenage boy who throws aside his better sense and pursues an intimate affair with a high school teacher. Sheila Kohler tackles innocence and abuse as a child wanders away from her mother, in thrall to a stranger she believes is the a€œMagic Man.a€ Kirstin Valdez Quadea€™s a€œNemeciaa€ depicts the after-effects of a secret, violent family trauma. Joan Wickershama€™s a€œThe Tunnela€ is a tragic love story about a mothera€™s declining health and her daughtera€™s helplessness as she struggles to balance her responsibility to her mother and her own desires. New author Callan Winka€™s a€œBreathariansa€ unsettles the reader as a farm boy shoulders a grim chore in the wake of his parentsa€™ estrangement. a€œElizabeth Strout was a wonderful reader, an author who knows well that the sound of onea€™s writing is just as important as and indivisible from the content, a€ writes series editor Heidi Pitlor. a€œHere are twenty compellingly told, powerfully felt stories about urgent matters with profound consequences.a€You wonder if she feels like you do. ... Get ready for me to hide, she responds, but you two only last an hour before she reaches over and takes off your glasses and ... You really do have an excellent body, you say after you blow your load. Whyanbsp;...

Title:The Best American Short Stories 2013
Author:Elizabeth Strout
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2013-10-08


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