The Best Anger Journal

The Best Anger Journal

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The purpose of this journal is to assist in changing behavior, while helping you understand the difference between problematic and symptomatic issues of pervasive anger. The treatment modalities used in this journal experience will aid you in changing the ways you act and react through what is called cognitive behavioral retraining. As you experience this journal, remember, you must put down that old rusty tool belt and be ready to obtain new tool sets that will help replace some of the dangerous tools you have been using in your old belt. People who say they have changed overnight are not being honest, but small changes with commitment over a period of time can be lasting and meaningful especially while in rebuilding This journal was formulated as a product of various treatment modalities used to touch the lives of people who were in classes and training sessions with me over the last nine to ten years. This information is seriously evidence-based and highly successful in treating behavioral health issues I have been committed to helping our families and communities achieve good mental health. Part of that commitment includes saving relationships and marriages because they make up the core of our civilizationa€™s moral fiber foundation. By teaching and training healthier emotional growth, we can restore better mental health, because people suffer mental illness largely because of ill emotional growth.WhenI see Spiderman sling his webs or Superman doesafeat, I oftenget emotional, and I literally waste my popcorn while my wonderful wifewould say something like a€œThata#39;snot reala€or a€œThata#39;s fakea€andIsimply pick upmypopcorn from the floor.

Title:The Best Anger Journal
Author:Carl Robinson, Ph.D.
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-04-25


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