The Better Man Project

The Better Man Project

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Men take better care of their cars than they do their own bodies, finding health information too technical, scary, or boring. Written and designed in a guy-friendly manner--think of a cross between an owner's manual to a vintage muscle car and a Boy Scout handbook--The Better Man Project aims to change that with a practical health guide to help men achieve the holy grail of a well-lived life. In response to its readers' calls for more health content in the manner that they've come to expect from Men's Health, here is straightforward, personal information delivered with a double-shot of humor. Baby boomers and millennials alike will respond to the promise of leaner, stronger, healthier longevity. Features include: a€c Health and fitness self-tests so readers see how they measure up to other guys their age a€c A decade-by-decade cheat sheet for diagnostic tests men must have a€c Special reports on testosterone supplementation, telomere protection, reversing diabetes and heart disease, and preventing dementia a€c A troubleshooter's guide to common ailments and quick fixes a€c A simple plan for losing weight and preserving muscle mass a€c Answers to 50 questions men are afraid to ask their doctors Readers who seize this moment and follow the world-class tips in this book can expect the next 40, 50, or more years of their lives to be the most active, fun, and satisfying ever.Average number of times a day men think about sex Source: The Journal of Sex Research If youa#39;re a regular Mena#39;s Health reader, ... the tone that good sex coverage should take in our magazine. All guys, straight or gay, want to get laid. Often ... And herea#39;s the most important question of all: How can he do it in an open, honest, healthy waya€”without the male tendency to feel embarrassment and shame?

Title:The Better Man Project
Author:Bill Phillips
Publisher: - 2015-06-02


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